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Diary of ‘Staltame, believer in the truth.

Entry number 26.

    Today I have noticed uptight emotion all around the base. Rumors are flying that the Arbiter has been reinstated. I personally do not believe this to be true, as if it were, the Prophets would make the knowledge better hidden. We have yet to know for sure however - our spy has not reported in more than 8 spins of the ring…

    “‘Staltame!” yelled Jehric, the heretic leader. “Are you going to mess around all day, or help me modify these banshees?”
    “Coming!” he yelled back. “I’m just recording our progress!”
    After ‘Staltame finished putting away the diary, or ‘mission log’ as he called it, he went to join Jehric. “What’s the matter?” he asked. “You seem uptight!”
    “It’s probably nothing.” Jehric replied. “Just… about 10 minutes ago our sensors picked up an object about the size of a dropship. Before we could confirm anything, the storm that’s brewing knocked out all of our exterior sensors.”
    “Do you think this has anything to so with the rumors about a new Arbiter?” ‘Staltame asked. “Even if there were a new Arbiter, I doubt that we would be considered big enough of a threat to send him after.”
    “You’re probably right,” was the response. “Just, the Prophets seem to be nervous about us. Maybe we’re a bigger threat to them that even we know…”
    “Maybe, but they’re probably not going to do anything,” ‘Staltame replied. “Still, if you want my advice, I’d keep the upper level troops on the alert, so if anyone comes around, we’ll know ahead of time.”
    “Yeah, and if things get really hectic, and we’re doomed to lose, then we can re-release the flood we captured, and let them kill each other,” Jehric finished. “Sound good?”
    “I’ll second that,” said ‘Staltame. “Let’s get ready…”

Entry number 27

    As soon as we alerted the upper level troops, we heard some disturbing sounds. Like breaking bones, and plasma fire, to name a few. Hopefully the Arbiter is not among them, as legend has it he is a fierce warrior with nothing to lose, and so is undefeatable. In fact, the legends remind me of Covenant reports of the “Demon”.

    As soon as ‘Staltame finished writing in his mission log, the door behind him opened. Though he didn’t see it, he heard it, although barely, and knew beyond a doubt that the invasion crew had made it to him. Not wanting to die, or get captured, and knowing that he was the only one besides Jehric who could release the flood, he spread out ammo and grenades, plus his sword on the ground and lay in the pile, trying his best to look dead. Luckily, the invaders took no notice of him other than to pick up a few of his grenades and his sword.
    After they left, he stalked after them, seeing them destroying his brothers and the robots, those ‘sentinels’. Noting that one of them wore the armor of the Arbiter, he radioed in Jehric, and warned him to flee via the modified banshee.
    As the invaders approached the outside room that was Jehric’s planning room, ‘Staltame noticed that the doors were locked on the exits to the room. He approached the door the invaders entered just in time to hear Jehric say “…him my brothers. I will defend the Oracle.”
    Well at least the Oracle is safe, thought ‘Staltame. That’s something to be proud of. Then, he watched in horror as one warrior, the Arbiter, carved through half a dozen grunts, four sentinels, and two of his brethren. Then, to his further horror, he saw the Arbiter get into HIS banshee, and fly off. With no banshee, he had no chance of releasing the flood, or warning Jehric that the Arbiter was truly alive, and hot on his tail!
     But wait, there was another banshee parked on the platform! And the Arbiter, although clever and powerful, was not smart enough to destroy it to prevent pursuit! ‘Staltame got into the banshee, and quickly flew to the next section of base, noting that a dropship had come to support the Arbiter as well, and they were decimating the air fleet. He approached the base, and with a nod to the guarding Elites, went in.

Entry 28

    I have confirmed the existence of the new Arbiter, as well as his battle prowess. My only hope, however slim it may be, is to release the flood. This may slow or stop him, but regardless, we will have to move our base, as the flood are unstoppable for mere warriors. After I release them, I will journey back to our spare fighter, and wait for Jehric to come. If he doesn’t get killed by the Arbiter.
    'Staltame quickly made his way to the lower-floor facility where the prison control room was. He quickly entered the password to the system, and broadcasted a message to all of the warriors: "This is Staltame. Jehric is being pursued by the reinstated Arbiter, and since no mere warriors can do anything against him, I am about to release the flood. Please evacuate immedietly."
     However, his radio appeared to go dead half way through the message, and he could only hope that all of the warriors heard him. Oh well, what must be done must be done. He entered the cage release code, and hurried back to the hanger where Jehric's personal fighter lay.
    Warrior Prime Ectalse was on guard duty when the disturbing, confusing message was broadcasted over his com: "This is Staltame. Jehric is being pursued by the reinstated Arbiter, and since no mere warriors can do anything against him, I am about to-". He would have given anything to know what the rest of the message was, but as he had no specific orders to leave, he stayed guard.
    Just then, he heard explosions on the dock. As a Prime, he knew easily when he was overmatched, and anything that could carve through 8 fuel rod-weilding grunts in a matter of seconds was surely one of them. He wisely retreated, and hid in a sub-floor room so he could spy on the amazing warrior. But, before he could even set up a transmitter to relay his sights-to-be to the legions of surely curious wariors who had also heard the cut off transmition, a wave of the most awful smell hit him. Immedietly, he recognized it, and regretted knwing it- it was the flood. He saw shadows moving on the small air vents leading to the room, and fired wildly, not able to control his fear. A hit on his shields caused them to flare, and lose a quarter of the charge. He fought like a doomed beast, like he was, but to no avail. As soon as he heard footsteps above him, an infected Elite burst in, and with a single swipe, broke his shields. A pod-like flood grabbed his shoulder, easily piercing his leathery skin, and injecting him with noxious chemicals that caused him to black out...


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