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Diary of ‘Staltame, believer in the truth.

Entry number 26.

    Today I have noticed uptight emotion all around the base. Rumors are flying that the Arbiter has been reinstated. I personally do not believe this to be true, as if it were, the Prophets would make the knowledge better hidden. We have yet to know for sure however - our spy has not reported in more than 8 spins of the ring…

    “‘Staltame!” yelled Jehric, the heretic leader. “Are you going to mess around all day, or help me modify these banshees?”
    “Coming!” he yelled back. “I’m just recording our progress!”
    After ‘Staltame finished putting away the diary, or ‘mission log’ as he called it, he went to join Jehric. “What’s the matter?” he asked. “You seem uptight!”
    “It’s probably nothing.” Jehric replied. “Just… about 10 minutes ago our sensors picked up an object about the size of a dropship. Before we could confirm anything, the storm that’s brewing knocked out all of our exterior sensors.”
    “Do you think this has anything to so with the rumors about a new Arbiter?” ‘Staltame asked. “Even if there were a new Arbiter, I doubt that we would be considered big enough of a threat to send him after.”
    “You’re probably right,” was the response. “Just, the Prophets seem to be nervous about us. Maybe we’re a bigger threat to them that even we know…”
    “Maybe, but they’re probably not going to do anything,” ‘Staltame replied. “Still, if you want my advice, I’d keep the upper level troops on the alert, so if anyone comes around, we’ll know ahead of time.”
    “Yeah, and if things get really hectic, and we’re doomed to lose, then we can re-release the flood we captured, and let them kill each other,” Jehric finished. “Sound good?”
    “I’ll second that,” said ‘Staltame. “Let’s get ready…”
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