Entry number 27

    As soon as we alerted the upper level troops, we heard some disturbing sounds. Like breaking bones, and plasma fire, to name a few. Hopefully the Arbiter is not among them, as legend has it he is a fierce warrior with nothing to lose, and so is undefeatable. In fact, the legends remind me of Covenant reports of the “Demon”.

    As soon as ‘Staltame finished writing in his mission log, the door behind him opened. Though he didn’t see it, he heard it, although barely, and knew beyond a doubt that the invasion crew had made it to him. Not wanting to die, or get captured, and knowing that he was the only one besides Jehric who could release the flood, he spread out ammo and grenades, plus his sword on the ground and lay in the pile, trying his best to look dead. Luckily, the invaders took no notice of him other than to pick up a few of his grenades and his sword.
    After they left, he stalked after them, seeing them destroying his brothers and the robots, those ‘sentinels’. Noting that one of them wore the armor of the Arbiter, he radioed in Jehric, and warned him to flee via the modified banshee.
    As the invaders approached the outside room that was Jehric’s planning room, ‘Staltame noticed that the doors were locked on the exits to the room. He approached the door the invaders entered just in time to hear Jehric say “…him my brothers. I will defend the Oracle.”
    Well at least the Oracle is safe, thought ‘Staltame. That’s something to be proud of. Then, he watched in horror as one warrior, the Arbiter, carved through half a dozen grunts, four sentinels, and two of his brethren. Then, to his further horror, he saw the Arbiter get into HIS banshee, and fly off. With no banshee, he had no chance of releasing the flood, or warning Jehric that the Arbiter was truly alive, and hot on his tail!
     But wait, there was another banshee parked on the platform! And the Arbiter, although clever and powerful, was not smart enough to destroy it to prevent pursuit! ‘Staltame got into the banshee, and quickly flew to the next section of base, noting that a dropship had come to support the Arbiter as well, and they were decimating the air fleet. He approached the base, and with a nod to the guarding Elites, went in.

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